Sunday, June 05, 2005

24 Hour race

Over Memorial day weekend I did my first 24HR race with 3 other grrls. Our category was 4 person Elite female, for the 24HR national champs in Spokane, WA. Not surprisingly, our team and only one other team(Starbucks) comprised our category. It started noon Saturday, ended noon Sunday. During the daytime, it was around 90 degrees, the nighttime was very comfortable at ~60F.
So we were ahead around 10pm when our best girl crashed and flatted, she hobbled to the campsite, she was in too much pain to ride anymore, we rotated then on 3 person shifts, lost all the time gained, but we had a great time! I rode 5 times, almost got to ride a 6th time, got 3hrs of sleep, my bike ran perfect, and I felt good.