Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Last weekend at the bike shop I put some ski grips on my 'new' classic poles that have been in storage for the last couple of years. I didn't know what I was doing, so I hope the epoxy holds. At least that project's in the books. Other projects that will happen this year,
build a front wheel(I have the rim and hub)
and build a cx bike up from a set of tires.

I went skate skiing yesterday and I realized how bad my skate technique blows. I do better on the classic skis. It was 3F with a -11F windchill when I was out. I was warm everywhere except for behind my ears. It was weird. I'm a little extra sensitive there because I have a slight headcold. Too much bar smoke from smoky Wisconsin bars I guess. My ears get sensitive to cold and wind. I wore a hat with earmuffs, but what I really should have wore was Filippo Pozzato's headband. He doesn't care if it looks like he has a head injury. I wouldn't care either if I was warm and I won Giro della Provincia di Grosseto. Bravo!
I joined his fan club today for fun. Here's part of the email confirmation:

Grazie June per esserti iscritto al Fan Club!
Riceverai al piĆ¹ presto a casa il materiale e la tessera!

It's about time I learn some Itailan.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Week in Review happening in no particular order:
Classic skiied. Classic skiied. Classic skiied.
Missed B-Rad's party, saving a couple of years of my life in the process.
Grilled twice, steak and salmon, nothing like grilling in the middle of wintertime.
Decided beer before homework was a bad idea, made that mistake twice this week...

April and I (enough with the April and June jokes...=P) saw Juno. Juno was a 6th grade nickname of mine. I had no idea that it was set in Minnesota either. Juno is such a sharp-witted character that kept me laughing. Go see it.

1997 World Champ Laurent Brochard may be retiring. Ok, I don't keep up with everyone in the pro peloton, but he's 39. He's old. Wow, I had no idea La Broche was still racing pro. Who can forget his hot mullet? Not me.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beer Mapping

This is for my teammate BIG MIKE who's doing a PT internship in Idaho. I'm sure he wears his revolver on his hip while riding to the local cantina.

Discovered Beer Mapping from reading Big Jonny's site today. It is the coolest thing, I love maps and I love beer. I wish I had this when I took a crazy road trip from Moscow, ID to Shelby, MT. We stopped at a bar in every town on the route back to Idaho. It took forever, but I did get to have a beer in Lincoln, MT, home of the Unabomber.

This partial quote made my day, from my favorite optomist:
"Bike racing is all about losing."

Friday, February 08, 2008

I love The Onion

Yeah this is funny, but I think the dumbest things are funny because I like laughing. I've been liking the Fox Soccer Channel lately, too. It's the first and last thing on the tele when I'm at home. Last night I watched part of an England vs Switzerland game. There's always something good on. It's wintertime and I'm not consumed with cycling just yet.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Sh*t on a Shingle

Went classic skiing yesterday in Jay Cooke State Park. The conditions were super icy and all the downhills were like a luge course. I need to get better at choosing the right wax. On my drive home I ran into Big Blondie and Shawn, they were out on cx bikes. Both had full beards with icicles, they looked like a couple of northwoods bushmen. In fact, I believe that ride had made them hairier by the mile.

Been pretty busy last couple of weeks. I managed to get myself even busier. I'll be helping out the Albrook school with their upcoming bike building project. They're looking for bikes and bike parts people are getting rid so they can learn how to build/work on their own bike.
Doesn't matter how busy I am though, I always make time for certain things, my family, friends, and myself. I have to, otherwise I'd go out of my mind.
Recent ongoings:
With my family we made Shit on a Shingle. It's a family dish. You won't know what it is unless you're IN the family.
Rocked my cameo appearance at beer pong. Looks like I'll be invited back. Didn't do a keg stand though. Thanks to B-rad for the party. I hope no one decided to roll empty kegs down the Duluth hillside after I left the festivities...

February is here--with one more extra day! How lame is that? I wish the extra day were in the middle of the summer.