Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Last week's flood was a disaster. The agricultural soil we tried using for our turbidity tests was clogging the plumbing system. As a result, the flood had to be cut short and we are doing two floods this week. Yesterday was the first one, and another flood for Friday. Yesterday we had to do the agricultural soil again. This soil has grass, rocks, clay deposits, blood suckers, and it smells like crap. I was in the thick of it yesterday. I had serious bobcat time, running from the lower parking lot to pick up a load then dump into our tank for mixing. I felt like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens:
At the end of the day I still felt like I was moving around in it. I tried driving to the store and I drove over a parking block...what a dumbass move. Friday should be a little better, we'll be doing kaolinite instead, and I'll be getting ashy!

Last weekend was pretty hectic, but fun. Friday we had our going away party for Ashy Alex, he's going away to Tansania for 6 months. I am sure he's going to run into Dave Chapelle. Here's him taking some turbidity samples:

I was home in Duluth on Saturday, went to my favorite bike shop, Twin Ports Cyclery, where I work sometimes. I'll be working there next weekend. I got in a quick ride through Jay Cooke State Park then into the farm fields of Wrenshall. I saw Hancock with my brother Ted--which wasn't the greatest movie, but I had some good laughs.

Sunday was the St. Paul capitol crit. It was really fun, it was fast and the course was great. I ended up 5th place. The best thing was getting flowers for 5th!
A couple of my co-workers came with to watch, too, MIT Jeff and Craig. After the race we hit up a Minnesota Thunder game. Minnesota lost 2-3 to Puerto Rico Islanders.

Here's a random picture of me from one of our floods a couple of weeks back. I was on the Stone Arch bridge getting pictures of the lab when the Red Bull Illume was on display. The photo boxes made a great mirror reflection.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Last week's flood was another success. To celebrate, I went with Audrey from Univ.Texas-Austin and Jeff from MIT to Vic's, a block from work. Jeff told me I needed a ShotSki for my study sessions...a little help Andersons??

Phil update: A squirrel has found its way into our kitchen...and he's eating Phil's food! Nature takes its sweet revenge, the squirrel leaves oatmeal all over the floor and shredded cardboard, naughty squirrel. I'm going to fix the crack between the window and screen soon...

Last weekend's racing in Albany was a ton of fun. I loved the circuit race, but I hate TTs, I only do them when I have to. It could have been a little warmer on Saturday. I forgot all my warm clothes and to keep warm I picked up a black pearl snap cowboy shirt, complete with flaming steer skulls embroidered on the shoulders, at Rocky Ridge. It was $5 and had a knife whole in the tail of the shirt. I'm going to tailor it to a more feminine cut. It's going to be hot after I'm done with it.
I ended up staying over at Jeff and Alyssa's place Saturday night. I got too tired after the beers at Pesty's and didn't feel like driving.
Sunday's race had perfect weather. I loved the hill!