Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Love My Job(s)

Worked at Twin Ports Cyclery in Duluth last Saturday. Another great summer day at the bike shop. It has its certain charms. At the end of the day I didn't work for the last hour because I had to replace my bottom bracket. It never fails though, even when you're at the shop and not working you still end up working. I couldn't get the BB out, but luckily we had this neat BB tool. The tool was nice and snug next to the bb cups.

What's up with the Mariners losing every game to the Twins last weekend? The Mariners used to be my team when I lived in Idaho, now it's the Twins--unless the Ms are in town. Favorite Mariner: Ichiro.

Today's in-bank flood was pretty good. It was the last time using agricultural soil for turbidity. Eric and I switched off driving the Bobcat to pick up a load from the parking lot, it was dumped up on this grate placed above our 800 Liter bucket, washed into the bucket with a high-powered hose. What a mess. And then it has to have the right level of turbidity output into the stream. I like driving the Bobcat but I still felt like I was driving it when I rode my bike home. Weird, I know. Other work duties this week: bake some more sediment cores for bulk density tests, do some post-flood surveying, and probably an e-line survey (measuring water levels of all 177 piezometers). I love my job it's always something new each day.

On Monday, Fred, Fred's co-worker, Craig and I met up at Lake Calhoun for a fun ride. I got a side-ache from laughing, not from riding. Never a dull moment!

Craig aboard the Pink Taco--it takes a real man to ride one.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Go Huskies

Fred and I got in a ride last week. It was a strange one. After meeting up on the greenway we had to stop because I had a rock or something under my toenail, felt like bamboo shoots under the fingernail like in Vietnam. Later on Fred drops his gel pack, some wanker behind us in a car purposely swerves to run over it. On the Theodore Wirth path there's a green plastic bowl of cheerios in the middle of the path--Fred kicks it over, cheerios flying everywhere and he didn't even get milk on his shoes. We were on the Stone Arch Bridge and two girls were riding around in their underwear...what ever to happened to having some class?? Fun's not over yet, I get stopped by the po-po downtown because I was on the sidewalk...for a block, I know it was my own stupid ass fault, but the dude didn't write me up because I was wearing my SCSU kit and he graduated from State in 05--go Huskies.

Somewhat sad way to start the week at work. One of our resident baby ducks, Gepetto, died over the weekend. He drowned in the headbox, crammed between the upstream fishcage and the waterfall. His body was recovered and will be autopsied in the lab. The second one, Little Wing, has been MIA--possibly eaten...The last one, McDiver, is alive and well, and is about the size of a mini-football. The good news is the second family of baby ducks are getting bigger and fatter by the day. Right now they are the size of a twinkie. It's amazing to see how well these ducks found our OSL basin and made it their home.

My groundwater presentation at our undergrad research symposium was a smashing success. I could talk about groundwater all day. The other students also had some good presentations and did some really interesting research.
Next week we're hosting a photo shoot for a bridal magazine in our basin--should be interesting. It's not the prettiest backdrop for a bridal gown: dirt, protruding piezometer nests, algae, bugs, dirt, ducks and woodchucks, then we just put a bunch of hay atop the tilled soil...I don't get it. I don't think they understand what they're getting into.

This is from my ride into Wisconsin last weekend. I was south of Superior on County Road B.

Some more pictures I found from work:
From the flood at work a couple of weeks ago. Agricultural soil...we're going to use it for turbidity feed one more time. It smelled like shite, good thing the picture's not scratch and sniff. The beloved Bobcat behind me. I am not feeling attractive at hour 5 into an 8hr flood simulation, but I can't help and smile at the camera.

Surveying with the Total Station

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Five Feet High and Rising

Last Friday's flood was a relative success. It was difficult getting the turbidity at a constant level. If that doesn't happen, the ecologists won't be happy because the bugs won't have anything to hang onto and they'll wash away. Then we also can forget about the suspended sediment samples, too. This week's flood is on Wednesday.
On Friday we're having the summer undergraduate research symposium. Here's the title of my abstract my boss wrote:
Residence times and ecological implications of multi-scale
three-dimensional geomorphology-driven surface water-ground water

Went home to Duluth last weekend. I worked at Twin Ports Cyclery on Saturday. Typical West End day, we had a shirtless customer come in with a pierced nipple. No shirt no shoes doesn't apply here, we'll take anyone's money.
Caught a Duluth Huskies game with the family. Huskies beat Brainerd 7-6 in the 10th inning.

Then we went to check out the big ships at the Maritime Festival that caused so many people to flock to Duluth last weekend. The lines were crazy during the day, 3,4 hour waits, so we went after the tours ended. They were docked in the harbor and you could still get a good view inside the boats since the decks were mostly open.

I got in some rides, did some laundry, and hung out with the dog, Cheggy.