Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm making my own pair of studded tires for my commuter bike, which has 27" rims. I don't think there are any tire manufacturers that make 27" studded tires. So, this is where it all begins. It's a slow process and I don't even know how effective they will be. I'm screwing in the screw pointy side inside so I have more metal surface area in contact with the ice. Then I'm grinding the pointy side down to a flat edge. I'll use a tire liner, too. Wish me luck.

I got in some good xc skiing last weekend. This is from a 2hr classic ski excursion in Jay Cooke State Park. I didn't run into a single person.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lycra Helmet Cover

Some of us from the lab got together last Thursday for Dan's xmas sweater part-tay. My gift for the party host, the Darth Vader stocking, not the beer. I almost kept it for myself. It had two sound effects, the dark heavy creepy breathing, and then a short burst of a couple of lightsabers thrashing at each other.

Dan modeling my sweater. Deer going over a hedge.

I got you covered if you're in need of a lycra helmet cover. Available from TPC in Duluth I give you four options:
-1980s flowing Mom blouse
-tiger stripes
-modern geometric
-classic checker board
I can't guarantee saftey, but I can guarantee style.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hot Wax

Suicidal Tendencies came to Station 4 in St. Paul last Thursday. Katie and I were there for the mayhem. It was a good show, but we were both disappointed they didn't play "Institutionalized". At least I don't think they did. We ducked out at the last minute to beat the crowd.
There was this one guy who uncannily looked just like Big Blondie. He knew all the words to all the songs, and required a 3'x5' clear area so he could get all of his moves in.

Duluth got massive snow over the weekend. Over a foot of snow or something ridiculous like that fell on Sunday. Then it was too cold to go outside and enjoy it. I went to TPC on Saturday to wax my snowboard and my xc skis. Somehow I ended up working while I was there...never fails. Not that I'm complaining!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cowboy Up

We had our holiday work party this week. I got 3 cowboy boot shaped glasses in the white elephant gift exchange. I am the envy of every Queen of Doublewide Trailers out there. Katie got a clock that I initially thought was a jock strap.

Ted guarding the parking lot at Kramarczuk's in his Girl's Gone Wild Hat:

Monday, December 08, 2008


When I saw this in my Inbox, "You'll say "Wow" everytime with ShamWow!", I was prepared for some sort of new chamois technology. I was horribly disappointed to find out it was just junk mail. Although, it could do wonders in a pair of bibs. I could ride 50 miles in the rain without a fender before the entire ShamWow gets soaked, plus there is no hope for an unsightly camel toe!

Got in some snowboarding with my sister Joyce on Saturday. It has been a very humbling learning process. My arse was sore the rest of the weekend. It's been fun though.
St. Louis River freezing up nicely:

Friday, December 05, 2008

tour de lab

This week my roommate is getting in more miles than I am. She's doing re-hab on her knee on her stationary bike. She could totally blow me out of the water, give me the look-back and drop me like I was standing still.

Yesterday my Mom and my sister Joyce were in town and stopped by the lab where I work. It's an impressive place if you like science-y stuff, or just like creepy old buildings. This is from the turbine level looking up 2 stories:

Mom giving the wind tunnel her tough approval:

Up on the roof:

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

night ride

Went on a night ride in jeans with Fred on Monday. We cruised around Calhoun and Harriet. We saw the crescent moon last night, it was in conjunction with Venus and Jupiter. But it was kind of hard to see Venus and Jupiter in the middle of the city. My bike headlight wasn't working either, but it was probably a good thing so I couldn't worry about the ice before riding over it. Luckily we both stayed upright the whole time. At one point I tried to drop him. I did the look-back and went for it, but shit, my 6mile roundtrip commuting training regimen just isn't enough, better up my game.



Monday, December 01, 2008


I went to the Snocross National at Spirit Mtn with my brother Ted. I'm not a sledneck like my brother by any means, but I was totally blown away at how fast these guys were. It was really fast, agressive, exciting racing. I'm definitely a fan, even though I have cursed the noise and smell of gas from snowmobiles when I'm out xc skiing.