Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Break

I'll be in Phoenix March 4-15th. My brother Ted calls me from Phoenix where he's been for the past month and says he wants me to come visit, have a good time and be around for a surgery. Ted's donating part of his liver to his best friend, Jeremy, who lives there. We all grew up in the same neighborhood. I'll be getting in some rides and I want to make it to a Mariners spring training game. I totally don't deserve to go anywhere warm for spring break with the current state of my classes, but I cannot refuse my brother.

Yesterday I made a quick trip to St. Anthony Falls Lab, SAFL, to download some data for an upcoming seminar I'm giving at St. Cloud State. It was so good to see everyone! Then a few of us went to happy hour at Tuggs, a block from the lab. I can't wait to start working there again this summer. The end of the semester can't come soon enough!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stiletto Heels

Misspelled 'Giro' fixed. Thanks, now I can sleep at night.

I got in 2.5hrs today with El Jefe and Fred. El Jefe has the best draft. If I get within 5 feet of his radius, I'm getting sucked in. It's not a bad thing though, behind him, the weather's always beautiful. No wind and easy pedaling.

Contrast that with the part of the ride Fred led us down. We cruised on the trail by St. John's and I had to whip out the ice riding skills, then shoulder the bike through snow packed trail. My cleats had 3 inches of snow like a reverse stiletto heel. It's always a fun adventure with these guys.

Monday, February 23, 2009

oh no

Oh no they didn't, "Armstrong cautiously confident for Grio". Grio?? I was so distracted by the misspelled 'Giro' I couldn't concentrate on reading the rest of the story. What's my problem? Sometimes I wish I didn't care so much. There are real problems in the world to worry about such as, the world water crisis.

This guy stole my idea. I wanted to put newspaper over him to make him more comfortable. This dude has to be the one person who spends more time in the Engineering building than me. It's kind of a blurry picture, it was a drive-by with my camera phone.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

slumming it

El Jefe and I got in a couple of hours today. Had to wind down the ride over a refreshment then we got chilled so we employed the paper in jersey stuffing technique. I was nice and toasty!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grammar News Flash

Nice job Lance, way to mess up the English language. "We have the utmost respect for Don and all he is doing in the fight against doping in sport but we faced a myriad of problems relating to administration, coordination and cost."
"MYRIAD OF", it's one of my top detested grammar errors, along with "irregardless", double negative! Although, I am not without fault. I know I'm guilty of a good run-on sentence, or sometimes I like capitalizing nouns(like in German). Somebody's got to give a shit about the rules, don't they?

You Are Entering a World of Pain - A funny movie is a click away

Monday, February 09, 2009

Dry Donut

Another busy weekend behind me. On Saturday I skate skiied at Spirit Mtn Nordic. By the end of my ski the snow was kind of mushy, but it was still a nice ski. Then I made it out to Twin Ports Cyclery to hang out and use the waxing bench. I love the West End of Duluth, there are so many interesting people that come through from the neighborhood. I even saw a 16 year old tough kid wearing a denim coat with the sleeves cut off so it was made into a vest.
This is from Tom's car, a longtime TPC fan:

I stayed out too late at the Brewhouse Saturday night, so waking up and driving to Bikeswap in Blaine was a little bleary-eyed. Good thing Fred hooked me up with a dry donut. I had to fill my mouth with Coke just so I wouldn't choke on the donut dust. Bikeswap wasn't a financial success for SCSU Cycling...but I did get to make some good coin for Gary. Fred sold the Pink Taco so overall not a bad day.

I put up a Flickr slideshow with some of the pics from last year's scsu team. There's a few more available than just the rotating ones if you click on photo, hope you enjoy the slideshow. I'm looking forward to more collegiate racing. I thought I outgrew it and was somewhat reluctant to race collegiate last year, but I'm glad I decided to do it. It's probably the funnest racing I've done. How can you outgrow fun? Not possible.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Got a couple of things to sell as a fundraiser for SCSU Cycling Team at the Bike Swap. The computers were donated from Twin Ports Cyclery and the rest of the stuff is from my personal collection of things that I have too many of, plus a few other things not in photo. I wasn't planning on even going to the swap until a few days ago when Fred said I suggested go. If I planned it better I would have gathered more things to sell. I have other fundraising things in mind for the future. Oh well, live and learn. I hope some of my stuff sells. Two years ago at Memorial Day races some guy wanted to buy the long underwear that I was wearing--yeah that was weird, but I suppose I'll leave at home my trench coat filled with rolex knockoffs. I'll be at a space with Fred and Gary from Granite City Cycle. Fred's bringing the Pink Taco to sell, too.
For sale:

For free:

Monday, February 02, 2009

Treasure Chest

Got in some solid xc skiing this weekend. Saturday I classic skiied in Jay Cooke on some trails about a mile from my Mom's house. Sunday I skate skiied @ Spirit Mtn Nordic. It was really good despite the previous days' high temps. Some spots were crunchy/icy, but overall real nice. Everything was freshly groomed and I was the first one there to break in the cord. I had lots of fun and skiied all the trails since I haven't been up there in awhile. I have plenty of good memories xc skiing @ Spirit Mtn. It's the place where I learned how to xc ski and the place where I fell in love for the first time.
Found some things in storage at my Mom's house, a real blast from the past. One of the things was this old Tim Weisberg vinyl I picked up somewhere. The other was Ganz Oder Gar Nicht, by Jan Ullrich. It was given to me by a friend when I lived in Idaho. The real kicker is the fact that he is German, and his name is Jan Ulrich Eitel. His middle name is Ulrich. I'm going to try reading it again(which will be a slow process), bring back some of my old German skills.
I'm so corny I had to take pictures of them, too. Way corny.