Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hitting a New Low

What would Pre do? I decided to go running today while my bike is out of commission and awaiting a derailleur hanger. There was a long time ago when I wanted to devote all my athletic endeavors into running, boy am I glad that didn't happen. I used to love running. Running is so hard. Why would I want to run when I could be pedaling on a bike? Runners always look like they're in pain when they're running--it's because they are. I know I bash runners but it's just because I used to be one. I learned a lot about training, and overtraining, when I was a runner. I loved the athleticism, the work ethic. I'm really glad I went out today. It was a different pace from riding bikes, it was slow and I took in the river views in a more contemplative way.

Today's eating adventure, Ritter Sport chocolate cornflake bar.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Minnesota Ice

Joost Posthuma. I would go out with him just because he has a rad name.

What a weekend. I got in a good ride on Saturday, riding into Wisconsin and back into MN on Cty Rd 4 then cruised around farmland before finishing ride through Jay Cooke State Park. I went to TPC to do some more work on my bike and I end up working a little bit anyway, sold a few things then dove down into the dark shop basement, a place where you can become albino if you're down there too long while breathing in the fumes wafting slightly from the parts cleaner. Sat. night I went out to Carmody Irish Pub with Double B and Theresa. Nice catching up with them and Brynn also sat down with us for awhile. I got my first bike mechanic lessons from the master Brynn, back when he worked at Twin Ports Cyclery.
Me, BB, and Shawn met up at Chester Bowl Sunday morning, somethings I rarely do, which is 1) ride with BB and Shawn, and 2) ride on the East end of town; mainly because my Mom lives on the other side of town away from everyone else. We were just over an hour into our ride when my rear der. hanger snapped! I was so pissed. We debated whether I should make the POS into a SS so it would be rideable or phone a friend. Shawn decided to turn around and ride back while me and BB waited for his angel of a girlfriend, Theresa to come and give me a ride back into town. We were by the side of the road waiting for 25min and not one person stopped to see if we were ok. We were ok and didn't need anyone stopping for us, but we weren't feeling the Minnesota Nice yesterday. Strange.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


From today's cold ride, fun!

Yesterday El Jefe and I built up a couple of bikes for Campus Rec, part of our punishment handed down from Sports Club Coordinator for missing some mandatory meetings. Apparently no one made it to any of the fall semester meetings, I wasn't even around in the fall but now as interim SCSU Cycling prez I have to make sure that we make it to the remaining meetings for this school year, something I take seriously. Building bikes isn't really a 'punishment' as much as it is a pleasure plus these bikes were pretty easy to put together.

Monday, March 23, 2009

River Ice Breakage

The seminar went well. Almost all the profs in my dept., my chem prof, meteorology and hydrology peers were there. The room was packed so it was a little nerve-wracking, but I've been told I did a good job. From my perspective, I know there's things I want to work on and get better at. I talked for 50min then it went longer, just over an hour with questions.

I got in some rides in Duluth and went to Twin Ports Cyclery and replaced my rear shifter/brake cables and housing. I got to the bike shop late and ran out of time so I will have to finish the other side later. It was another quiet day at the shop, things haven't ramped up yet around there, so I haven't started actually working yet. As long as I got my Hits of the 70s cassette tape and radio in the shop basement I'll be pretty happy. It only sucks when the tape ends and I have to go over to the boombox and flip the tape with my greasy fingers.
St. Louis River:

Nemadji River, someone's doing research on this part of the river, not sure what but I saw an unmistakable data logger box.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm enjoying the nice weather. I like all that spring has to offer. I don't mind the rain and I can't wait for the return of green. Even the occasional snowstorm isn't too bad, it melts off pretty quick. I'm short on time this week for rides, but it's been blissful nonetheless.

Friday is coming fast! Where did this week go? I'm still not happy with the powerpoint presentation for my seminar on Friday. I will be doing a similar presentation at UM's Bell Museum of Natural History for a North Star student research symposium in April. Then I have at least one more scheduled presentation at a small conference later in April. Here's my abstract:

St. Cloud State University
Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Seminar

Friday, March 20th, 2009
Wick Science Building Room 119

June Sayers
-Hydrology Major
Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
St. Cloud State University
-Outdoor StreamLab Undergraduate Research Assistant
St. Anthony Falls Laboratory
National Center for Earth-Surface Dynamics
University of Minnesota

Outdoor StreamLab—From Construction Phase to Research Phase including determination of groundwater flow with in-bank flood simulations.

The construction of Outdoor StreamLab (OSL) makes possible research of large-scale river systems simulated in a smaller, controlled environment. Weekly in-bank flood simulations were performed using different sediments producing a turbid stream channel. The OSL groundwater system flows in a contained area, allowing for monitoring during flood stages and for base flow adjustments to be optimal. This presentation focuses on the OSL groundwater system and our observations on the relations between river and subsurface flows. In addition, a description on the data collection and processing methods, as well as maintenance of the OSL system will be presented. The OSL offers a unique research opportunity for scientists and students: it is a controlled system where we could test hypothesis and obtain measurements on the interactions between the physical and biological components of fluvial landscapes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Baseball Spring Training

I'm back in MN. It's great to be back. AZ is beautiful in its own way, but I need the green trees, cool weather and overcast days! Spring is on the way!

My brother Ted and his friend Jeremy's surgeries were a success! The Phoenix Fox tv station did a story about them the day before the surgery. I was in the hospital from last Wed. till Sun. looking out for the guys along with Jeremy's wife, Holli. Luckily Ted got discharged yesterday morning before I had to fly out. Ted is on a fast track to recovery while Jeremy's making progress in his own time. He should be out of the hospital by Wed.

I did manage to make it out to a couple of spring training baseball games. The four of us went to the Angels and Indians game at Tempe Diablo Stadium on Tuesday the day before the surgery. I didn't care who won, I just wanted a good game. All the action was in the last few innings. Angels won 8-4. Then on Friday Ted wanted have some fun outside the hospital so he sent me to the Mariners/Cubs game at Hohokam Park with Holli's Dad. He is a real riot. This time I did care who won. I wanted the Mariners to win but they got stomped 8-1! I was bummed Ichiro wasn't playing. He's my favorite player to watch bat. I've been a lazy Mariners fan since I moved back to MN from Idaho. Don't get me wrong I am a Twins fan, but I have to root for the Mariners when they play Twinkies.

Wounded knee update: It's nasty. It keeps opening up and oozing out. It sucks having to wear jeans because even with bandages it's been seeping out and sticking to everything.


Holli, Jeremy, me and Ted @ Diablo Stadium:

Angels/Indians @ Diablo:

Great seats! We were close to 3rd base and left outfielders:

Yuniesky Betancourt @ Hohokam:

Monday, March 09, 2009

I played golf and I didn't die!

I played golf for the first time in my life yesterday. First we hit up the driving range in the morning, where Holli taught me how to hold the club and swing.
Then we met up with Chuck, Holli and Jeremy's friend. We played 18 holes on an executive course. I did a decent job for my first time, so I'm told, since I have nothing to compare it to. I didn't keep score. Chuck was full of good advice and hot tips. I credit my success to Chuck and Holli for being good teachers. It's possible I'll be playing more golf in my future. I like golf.

Then about the 13th hole I was trying to get out of the way of the ball, Chuck was trying to do the same thing but in a golf cart. He was looking the other way and hit me from behind. My left leg goes under the cart, I almost get up and the cart lurches forward again, knocking me down again. I end up skinning my knee and part of my calf. I bent the plastic grill of the cart and Chuck felt so bad. He's probably going to be losing sleep over this. I didn't know golfing could be so dangerous! What an experience for my first time golfing. Besides being hit with a golf cart, it was really fun. We couldn't stop making jokes about the incident the rest of the day. Well, we didn't make the jokes in front of Chuck since he already felt awful.

Me and Holli:

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Orange Blossoms

My bike made it to Phoenix in one piece, what a relief. Big thanks to Sara J from the lab for taking me to the airport! I have been getting in some rides, it's a nice change to ride in short sleeve jersey and bibs versus neoprene booties and warm tights. I got a map and still made a few wrong turns, it's all good though, it's still fun. People are so nice on the paths, everyone smiles.
Ted and his friend Jeremy are getting ready to undergo the knife soon. Our schedule's been pretty full with social calls and preparing for surgery and post-surgery.
Me and Ted with Holli and Jeremy's baby, Chase. Chase is the cutest kid, ever.

Fragrant Orange Blossoms in Holli and Jeremy's backyard:


Do people ever fall into these canals while riding?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

skate skiing

I got in some good xc skiing in over the weekend. I skate skiied Saturday and Sunday at Spirit Mtn. Trails were top notch, hats off to the groomers! I wished I didn't forget my kickwaxes because the classic track looked stellar. Hopefully there will still be some good snow to be had when I come back.

Before I leave tomorrow for AZ I'm making headway on my presentation for my March 20th seminar:
Outdoor StreamLab—From Construction Phase to Research Phase including determination of groundwater flow with in-bank flood simulations.

I got homework to hammer out, too: