Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Latest favorite science blog, Bayblab, from which I discovered a link to Bio-Rad's song about PCR, "The PCR song". It's probably only funny if you know what PCR is, or it probably just looks like some lame video.

Polymerase Chain Reaction, PCR, the technique used in Jurassic Park(one of my top 5 movies) to bring back dinosaurs. PCR was discovered by Kary Mullis, Nobel laureate of Chemistry in 1993. He has the most intriguing autobiography, Dancing Naked in the Mind Field, of any person I've ever read. Read it even if you're not into science, it will knock your socks off!

Monday, April 27, 2009

"Get Behind the Wheel. Stay in Front of the Storm."

No racing yet. The closest thing I got to racing last weekend was watching Liege on tv. I'll make it out to a race soon.
No fishing last weekend either, I thought about it though, I get distracted in my research literature review; thinking about velocity profiles of streams and how it might help me catch fish.

An Anderson birthday celebration last Friday, Happy Birthday! Thanks to Crash for the photo documentation.

From a recent ride, this hill never ends, photo from crummy camera phone.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

1864 baseball

Summer's on the way, I can feel it, warm weather and baseball. SCSU vs Wayne State College. I had to make it to this game. It could be scsu's last game this season @ the MAC. I've been getting scsu baseball updates from JeffH(1B/OF) in river hydraulics class so I finally made it out to a game. It was fun, but it's surprising that they don't sell beer during college games, nor high school(understandable), however, they do sell beer during Little League...

Seven minutes of your life that you won't ever get back, but might be worth the laugh.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Johnny Utah

Good weekend all around. Saturday I had some important family stuffs happening. I was also able to get in a good ride that included a few gravel sections to rally through. Somehow I ended up at RT Quinlan's Saloon and heard a couple of punk bands. They were pretty good. RTs even have an old phone booth in operation, Hello?

Went fly fishing on Sunday with El Jefe. We hit up the Lester River 6am. I suck at fishing, but I still enjoy being out on the water. We took a break for breakfast @ Uncle Loui's (top notch french toast), then we picked up some spawn sacks at Marine General, which didn't help me any, I still didn't catch anything. Guys on either side of me landed some gorgeous fish. Water's still kind of cold for a good run, but there's fish out there. It snowed on and off, too.

Johnny Utah waiting for the perfect wave, "locals rule".

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm not quite used to sharing the trailspace and prime roads with people yet. With all this nice weather people really come out of the woodwork, all sorts of people. I saw a guy two days ago decked out in a camo coat on his mtb, mini radio blasting 'We are the Champions' with a tiny license plate that said, '2 Fast 4 U'. He was 2 Fast 4 Me. What can I say, we got some neat people around St. Cloud. Of course the other people getting out are exercising couples, one running, while the other on a bike, getting in one good pedal stroke every 20 seconds--I don't get it. I hope I never become a part of one of those couples...never say never. People out resurrecting New Year's resolutions, good luck eh? Unpredictable kids swerving their bikes all over the place. People out happily heel-pedaling like no tomorrow. It's great to see all the bike racks filled again on campus. Welcome back.

Yesterday I went to a seminar in the Math dept. A former scsu grad working on his PhD at Univ. Illinois was talking about 2D modeling of diffusion of particles around an obstacle in the unsaturated zone. It's interesting that you can do all this mathematical modeling and calculating p-series, double integrals, etc, without ever getting dirty in the field or taking physical measurements. I suppose a lot of scientific discoveries happen in the math room before they happen in a lab or field. I hope that some day he does 3D modeling.

I like food. Eating up cake at banquet this week, yum:

Monday, April 13, 2009

spring cleaning

Boonen wins Paris-Roubaix! I am going to have his baby.

My presentations last Friday at the conference went really well. It went so well that now I'm supposed to do more presenting at a couple of bigger conferences later on this year. At least I'm done with conferences for this semester and I can go back to riding my bike and studying.

Spring cleaning at my Mom's house last weekend yielded my first cell phone, back from 1999. It's so clunky and heavy! It's missing the powercord to the charger.

My old phone isn't too far off from this dinosaur:

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ken Griffey Jr.

Tuesday was a big day, I'm glad to have the symposium behind me. I brought with me Jeff H from river hydraulics class. We went to SAFL before the symposium because I had to meet with my SAFL advisor to discuss my summer research and to show Jeff around since he's trying to get a job there.
My poster was a hit at the research symposium at Bell Museum. It went from 5:30-7:30pm and I talked the whole time, people kept coming by, I didn't get one break in between the steady stream of people. A lot of times it was 3,4 deep. I felt bad for the guy who had to be on the other side of the poster board as me. He had some poster about turkey cellulite, which wasn't generating much interest from people. He kept poking his sad face around at me and my crowd. Poor dude.
Up next, I'm presenting at a small conference @ metrodome Radisson tomorrow--then I think I'm done presenting for awhile.

After the symposium Jeff, his girlfriend Mary, and I went to the Twins game. I had on my Mariner's tshirt, Jeff had his Ken Griffey Jr jersey. We got mooned at, well, us and Ken Griffey Jr. It's tough being a Mariner's fan in Twins territory. After Mariner's leave town I'll go back to Twins...I wasn't disappointed with the Mariner's 5-6 loss. That last inning was amazing! Twins totally rallied on 2 outs. The crowd went crazy. Even outside after the game there was so much excitement in the air, we saw two old guys racing on their electric scooters down the sidewalk.

Yesterday I had to help out with taking down the Dome @ scsu as part of punishment for cycling club missing mandatory meetings. It wasn't bad work since there were a ton of people out there, but I have never been witness to so much testosterone in one place, football team, baseball, wrestlers, girls rugby...There was one football coach who was yelling out all the commands, I guess he's been doing it as along as there has been a Dome. It was a well orchestrated, and well executed process.

At the lab:

Monday, April 06, 2009

It's Monday

I had a nice weekend. El Jefe and I spent all day Saturday fishing on Lake Superior. His fiancee Lyssa couldn't make it up, but hopefully next time she will, and maybe next time we'll catch a fish. We were out on the Lester River at 6am with fly rods, then early afternoon we switched to spin reel and wax worms still with no luck. By the end of the day we moved up to French River and there we saw one guy catch something, I think he was the only guy all day to catch anything. It was a good day. It was my first time fishing all season so I felt pretty rusty. I was fumbling around with my rod early in the morning, my casting sucked, I don't really care if I don't catch anything as long as I get to be outside all day I'm still having fun.

Sunday I got in a good ride, which included plenty of punishing hills.
Then my sister Sue, and I went to The Full Monty @ The Duluth Playhouse. Jen, Dave's girlfriend, was in the show, she is such a good performer! Lots of talent up in there. It was a good show, I was laughing the whole time and the guys did give us the full monty, with police hats covering up the goods. Thanks to Ben for hooking me up with the tix, he's great. After the show I made it home just in time to see the last 15k of Flanders...Stijn is the man.

I will be at an undergrad resesarch symposium tomorrow @ Bell Museum. I will be at a poster session instead of doing an actual powerpoint presentation as previously thought. I would have preferred to do a presentation because my poster has been a laborious process. After the poster session is a speaker, Eloy Rodriguez, talking about "The Origin and Discovery of Natural Organic Medicines from the Forbidden forests of Africa and the Amazon in Peru."

Here's me, a Looper's worst nightmare:

At the mouth of the Lester River on Lake Superior.

We weren't the only ones out on the Lake at 6am.