Thursday, May 28, 2009

fishing near richmond

Went fishing last night with El Jefe. We went out on the Sauk River, Horseshoe Lake near Richmond. Temps were a little chilly yesterday, maybe that's why we didn't catch anything. Maybe it's just that I suck at fishing and I'm bad luck. It's not a good thing to advertise when I'm looking for new fishing buddies.

Trolling on Sauk River.

Trolling with this guy first.

Second attempt.

Sunset on Horseshoe Lake.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Volunteering last weekend at Duluth Classic was pretty fun. I had to work Friday and Saturday at Twin Ports Cyclery so I didn't get to volunteer those days. I show up to work Saturday morning and our front window was all boarded up. Someone broke into the shop via the front window and tried to steal the bikes locked up in the front display window. The po-po came by and foiled the thieves plan before they could actually steal anything. Lucky for us. I suppose that's part of the risk for being a bikeshop in West End, kinda ghetto, but I like it. I'm kind of ghetto, too, so I fit in, not ghetto fabulous, but my bike's ghetto. The pharmacy next door to the shop have been robbed a handful of times in the past.

Saturday volunteering wasn't too bad. I sat on the corner of Roberg/Lester River Rd. I had one jerk in a white suv driving too fast in my intersection, he came by not once, but twice. Seriously. It was a nice day to be outside for the Lakewood stage. Double B came by my corner off the front on the last lap, but unfortunately he was caught at the end. Exciting racing though.
Sunday's Cloquet crit was pretty fun. I was helping Megan direct local traffic to get people living in a culdesac in/out. I made fast friends with a couple of kids who lived in the culdesac. They hung out all day. Isaak the older one was SO EXCITED about the race. He's turning 10 next year and wants to start racing bikes.

Good to see everyone. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Sammy, Isaak.

Sitting in my chair taking photos and videos.

Future bike racer Isaak taking photos with my phone.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'll be helping out Tone with the Duluth Classic. Me and that race go back a long way. One of my older sisters raced bikes for a couple of years, I must've been 9 years old at the time. When she raced the Classic, one of the stages went in front of my house. That was the moment when I fell in love with bikes and bike racing. The next years after that I would volunteer. It never bothered me sitting on a corner for hours, just to see the peloton go by in a flash. Looking forward to seeing you there.

J-O-B at Twin Ports Cyclery.

Light reading before I start work at the lab in Minneapolis on June 1st.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Rode solo for 2+hrs yesterday. Photo kind of sucks because it's on the camera phone. I should have brought the regular camera though, it was so gorgeous yesterday, the wind didn't even bother me. Scenery around St. Joe is so spring-like. I was pretty content.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Girl Meets Bicycle

Check out this movie about Jacquie Phelan. Rock-n-roll.

Lorien from Boise, Idaho emailed the link to me yesterday. (And it's pronounced BOY-SEE, not Boy-ZEE.) Sometimes I really miss all my homies in Idaho!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nuthin' But a G Thang

The class that had no end, River Hydraulics owned me! We had Finals last week and my River Hydraulics class wasn't final for me. I had some leftover homework that my prof wanted me to turn in. So I spent last Friday night and Monday at school working on hydrology homework. Friday night JeffH and I were working on hydro homework for different profs, we were in the hydro computer lab till 9pm! How lame. At least I got out to have some fun, hung out with Andrea, someone I never get to see enough of. Then Monday another day in the hydro computer lab. At least I wasn't the only one there working on left over business for their profs, so I didn't feel like a complete loser. It was very reminiscent of when I wasn't allowed to graduate high school because I missed so much school that year. I missed some to sports, but the other half was just skipping class out of boredom. In order for me to officially graduate I had to make up time in the library shelving books for two days after classes ended. I shelved some books then spent the rest of the time reading in a corner. I shouldn't complain so much, considering I am fortunate to have such a supportive department.
Yay for Andrea!

Saturday on my way out of St Cloud I saw this guy, a block from Kyia's house...maybe he was going to Kyia's house. I didn't ask.

My friends are always looking out for me on the Boonen front, thanks to Andersons then this email from MIKE:

June, the father of your children must have a really congested nose and sinuses.

later, I hope your having fun, cus I'm

Oh, Boonen.

So just chill, till the next episode.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"I Turn my Camera On"

Marty RR came and went. I was there early to hand off water to Double B and cheer on other Duluthians. Got my first race of the season out of the way. It was windy all up in Marty! Women's 4/40+ field was pretty big, nice to see all the ladies come out. Even a few new girls from Duluth representing. My race went alright, except my chain dropped first lap on top of Stickney and I fought like mad to get back onto the group, by then it took me awhile to recover, burned too many matches, oh well.
In a nutshell rest of the weekend went like this, besides studying at school...:
Watched El Jefe(Expert) and Derek(Pro A) race bmx @ Pineview Park.

SCSU's last game this season, went with Rebekah.

Trailwork @ Plum Creek Monday night. Nice work all around! Derek background, Tracy in front. I can still feel woodticks crawling on me. Crash took some photos, too.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Me and Chuck

Kyia wrote up a pretty good recap of Will Steger's Wednesday presentation on global climate change. My Mom told me I should wear my Steger Mukluks, and I told her no thanks. I would be just like the girls who wear Uggs in 60F...something I just don't get. Don't their feet get hot? Whatever.
I get to meet Will Steger and my eyes are half-open, doh! And no Shawn, it's not Neil Diamond. =)

Yesterday my department, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, had their spring pizza social. Chuck, my first ever hydrology prof showed up! I credit him for motivating me study hydrology. He's brilliant. This year's pizza social was actually a social.

Semi-retired geology prof, Garry Anderson, the elder Mr. Anderson.