Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MN State Crit Champs 09

Another state crit champs in the books. Our field was smallish, not complaining though, it's always a great time racing with the ladies. It was a windy mother out there. Good job everyone. Thanks Lee, or Megan? for this photo. It's me and Megan bridging up to lead pack.

Pro BMXer Derek borrowed El Jefe's (background) cx bike to do his first road event. He did pretty good for his first time and racing with BMX shoes, BMX pedals, and hairy legs.

Overall nice weekend, I spent some Friday/Saturday at home in Duluth, Saturday working at Twin Ports Cyclery, then waking up early for the drive to St. Cloud for racing Sunday.
Here's me and my protege, Riley. She's one of my sister's daughters. We bear a family resemblance and she's is a riot to hang out with. She does mini-science experiments on her own, too, I am an admirer of her work.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dodecathlon 09

Instead of racing last weekend Terra invited me to a weekend of a different kind of pain. We camped on Big Island on Lake Minnetonka, it was some friends of hers that kept score of a bunch of beer-drinking activities, called the Dodecathlon. 12hrs of events. Bike racing would have been easier compared to this. I got so sore from all the running, javelin tossing, soduko, hatchet throwing, paintball marksmanship, crosswords, somersaults, beer swim...

Terra keeping me company while fishing.

Rollo sleeping on my legs.

Leaving Big Island.

Rollo buried under gear and garbage.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


NVGP has been crazy this year!
It was fun being part of a whole team's race weekend. Terra and I helped out the Hagens Berman Cycling team from Seattle. Hanging with the boys of HB was a total blast. They're a great bunch of guys that are fun to be around and watch race.

Friday's Uptown crit was pretty nutty. What a party all night. Terra and I rode our bikes all the way from the Stone Arch bridge. She had on her cowboy boots and I rode in wooden heels. Riding in cowboy boots and heels does require some talent, but we did it. We got lucky though and Timmer gave us a ride home from Hwood's.
Terra and I got our pictures taken with Floyd, like everyone else. I'm such a sellout! I hate myself sometimes. I couldn't resist when I saw him alone with his bodyguard. He said I was tall. So I said I was sorry, but I really wasn't sorry.


Me selling out:

Saturday Terra and I hopped in the team car with the HB Director Sportif, Joe Holmes, for the Mankato RR. It was worth not racing the amateur crit. We got to see and hear all the action. One of the guys, Nick Clayville, got in the break so we drove back/forth a couple of times between him and the peloton.
Near the end of the race at one point Nick was the virtual overall GC leader, too bad they couldn't stop the race just at that moment!
Good riding everyone! Joe Holmes is very good at his job and very professional, hope I get to help out again next year!

Me, Joe and Terra at the start of the Mankato RR:

On Sunday Terra and I rode part of the way to Stillwater. We drove out to White Bear Lake then cruised 11 miles to the crit. On the way back we tried a different route then got kind of lost in Stillwater. We found this weird trail to nowhere. It was a nice little path that ran paralell to 36 for a short way then it dumped downhill into this forest where it did one loop back out onto the main path. We thought we were doing so cool at navigating, what a frickin joke! As usual the race spectating was crazy. What a good crowd. Looking forward to next year.

Stillwater fans, Jake Cohen, Andy Schlict from Revolution Cycle & Ski, they raced the amateur crit:

Me, Lang, Sam, Chris, Joe, AJ, Terra, Nick:

Terra, Me:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Smelling Brake Dust

State Fair crit went much smoother this week. I much preferred this course over last week. I managed to stay with the lead pack the whole way, pretty fun Tuesday night racing. 40 minutes still feels like a long time for me.

Met up with Terra last night for Stage 2 St. Paul Crit. I couldn't get out there early enough for the women's race, but at least got to see the last half of the men's. The speed of those guys never ceases to amaze me. Then we met up with some of her Seattle homies, from Hagens Berman Cycling. Funny how that Northwest connection comes back to me. A few of us used to be at the same collegiate races when I used to live in Idaho.
Sam discovered cottage cheese on the menu, something us Minnesotans are used to seeing as a side order.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Man Sale

Raced on Tues. at State Fair crit. Fortunately I got off work early and rode over there on the bus/bike path. I was excited to race, but things quickly took a turn for the worst when a few laps in my seatpost cradle mechanism slipped and jacked up my seat angle. I knew it was getting worn out, but thought I would get lucky and it wouldn't move. No such luck. I fell behind and couldn't get back on. Oh well, it's just racing.
East Union went alright. I didn't quite have the sprinting legs in the end but had fun putting in some good efforts with the girls. On my way back to St.Cloud after the East Union CR I decided to go west on 212, then north on 15. I came across a 'Man Sale'. Yes, of course I stopped. It was just a bunch of guys drinking beer trying to sell each other their snowblowers, snowmobile tracks, and old tools.

My calendar has been pretty busy last couple of weeks, moved back to Minneapolis for the summer for my job at the lab. Last week I tried to see everyone in St. Cloud before I left and taste tested the beer I helped El Jefe make over the semester(which was fantastic!). Now I'm back at the lab, it's great to be back and reconnect with everyone, and I'm spending most of my time doing my own research which is different from last time I worked here. My research is developing an in-situ technique to measure changes in soil hydraulic conductivity.

They don't like drive-by shoppers!