Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Under the Bridge Downtown

Up to no good as usual. I was out late last Friday the night before the BigMarine RR. Katie and I rode our bikes around stopping for a beer here and there. Having the race start at 2pm was nice though. I slept in and took my time getting breakfast and loading up the car for the day.

A guy on rollerblades showing off for me and Katie:

Under 35W bridge, egad:

The Big Marine RR went pretty good. A bunch of girls showed up, the course was interesting, and it didnt' rain! I went to the Square Lake Festival after the race. I camped out with Andrea. It was really cool, about half their tickets they sold cheap for people who chose to ride their bikes out there. Good crowd, good music, and good food. We got rained out later in the evening but it didn't seem to dampen anyone's spirits.

This weekend it's racing in Stearns County for the Albany/Avon RR. Maybe the Hooters Recruiters bus will be in Albany like before. It was sitting in a yard as soon as you turn onto 238. Kyia put a photo of it before on her blog. When Terra and I were in staying in St. Cloud for the ToGC we were getting breakfast one morning, planning on hitting up the food co-op, well, the co-op was closed at 8:22am but the liquor store next door was open--figures. So then we head on over to Caribou then there's this image welcoming me, the full-blooded indian, gee thanks, you know I had my immacuately skinned beaver hides in the car. Living in Stearns Cty for most of the year last few years isn't all that bad, there's really awesome bike people that live there and other people to keep my sanity, plus a great Hydrology program that for some reason keeps me coming back to St. Cloud. It's just that sometimes I have to hold back the dry heaves when I see couples in matching Arctic Cat coats.
At any rate, looking forward to the Avon RR, I love the course! I'm bringing my swimsuit and rinsing off in Middle Spunk Lake after the race. See you there!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

MC SpandX

Get your laugh on, and don't you just love white boy rappers? I do. This is from bikeportland.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Raleigh Ranger

I obtained a temporary replacement for my commuter bike. It's a Raleigh Ranger, with 3 speed internal hub, made in England. It's a little small for me and my Mom became infatuated with it. It's hers as soon as I find one a little faster and my size.

Went fishing with a couple of my nephews last weekend. Here's Jarrod holding one of the fish we caught. He's a great fisherman. I hope we can get out again on the river this weekend. More about last weekend, it was the last weekend for the Hells Angels being in town. They were stationed at a dance hall/bar, Lost Isle, about 12 miles from my Mom's place. I'm glad they're gone, then I can get back to speeding in my usual stretches of backroads since there was either a state trooper, sheriff, po-po or conservation officer located every 5,10 miles within the vicinity of Lost Isle. Now people can get back to talking about normal Duluth things like fishing, Red Plan, Lakewalk and Portland Malt Shop, and downtown I-35 traffic construction. Every conversation was about Hells Angels, everyone knew the same information about them, and it was regurgitated over and over. These poor guys couldn't get a break, any time there were more than 5 of them cruising around, there was a sheriff or someone with them. At one point I saw 30 of them together and they had no less than 15 police escorts alongside.

I had a poster presentation at the lab yesterday. It was only people from the lab that showed up, with the exception of Katie's parents. I still got lots of work to do before end of the summer. Wish me luck.