Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Second Ugliest Bike on Campus

SCSU's Second Ugliest Bike, check out the handlebar. Gross. It's a free bike, go figure, it's supposed to be ugly. One time on campus I saw a guy screaming down the sidewalk because the brakes didn't work on one of the yellow free bikes, Out Of Control!

I got a lot going on this week, from being sick the first part of last week and now going out of town this week, I have a lot to get done in a short amount of time.
I don't know if I had the H1N1 strain but I was completely debilitated for a few days. A couple of weekends ago I was in a smoky Superior bar enjoying The No-No's and The Rock & Roll Whores and I thought that the smoke was what made me sick, but a congested chest accompanied with high fever and chills doesn't quite add up. I finally rolled back into St. Cloud last Tuesday.

The Rock & Roll Whores

So this week I'm making a quick trip to Portland for AISES National Conference. I'll be competing in the undergraduate poster and oral presentations. The title of my abstract is:
Using Tracer Injection of NaBr and KNO3 to detect temporal responses of subsurface flow in a large-scale experimental facility

Wish me luck. If I'm not competing on the bike I better be competing with my head...and I've been spending lots of time in the books. I'm teaching myself more MATLAB and trying to learn Maple, oddly enough I do better at MATLAB. I don't write the most efficent code,though.

Halloween this weekend! My baseball uniform didn't come together so I have my back-up fairy costume, not very exciting but it's better than nothing.
The No-No's are playing at the Nomad on Halloween. I'll be there and it's going to be good! My favorite costume so far this year...robots rock.

Fun with MATLAB:
t = linspace(0, pi);
x = t.*cos(t); y = t.*sin(t);
x = eval(vectorize('t*cos(t)'));
y = eval(vectorize('t*sin(t)'));
h = 4:0.4:6;
y4 = 0*h+3;
i = 4:0.4:6;
y5 = 0.5*i+0;
r = (1.5-cos(6-t*5))+4;
y6 = (1.5-sin(6-t*5))+4;
u = ((5*cos(3*t/4)+4)/3 - (2*cos(11*t/2)+2)/3);
y7 = ((5*sin(3*t/4)+4)/3 - (2*sin(11*t/2)+2)/3);
l = 4:0.4:6;
y8 = ((-l.^2)+6);
p = 4:0.4:6;
y9 = abs(sqrt(p.^2)-5);
o = 4:0.4:6;
y15 = -.67*o+4.9;

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Frank Vandenbroucke Memorial Road Ride

I'm riding today at 3pm from Halenbeck Hall on SCSU campus and I'm calling it the Frank Vandenbroucke Memorial Road Ride. I only told like 6 people about it, and so far no one can make it, but anyone can come. I suck at updating the blog. That's ok, it will be a long moment of silence for VDB. Not only that but it's going to rain!
I tried getting a SCSU Cycling Club meeting this week to get signatures for some liability forms required by the school and it ended being just an informal meeting of 4 of us last night, this time no drinking afterward, geez, we're going to lose our reputation as a party school.

I'm going home to Duluth this weekend! I get to see Mysteries of The Great Lakes at Duluth Omnimax. And Katie's band is playing Friday night at Norm's!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Ugliest Bike on Campus

U-G-L-Y you aint got no alibi, you UGLY! Poor franken-shite bike is just ugly. I admire the creativity though, and I'm just glad that people ride bikes to school.

The new commute between my place and school is pretty short, I don't even get the chance to warm up before I get to school, and I have to slalom course through broken glass. This week every night on the way home it has been something different. Early part of the week there was fireworks because of the Vikings and Twins games. People can see my lights coming for blocks away and I've been getting drunken cheers, and one car did honk at me. I promptly gave them the middle finger, but it was dark and I don't think they could tell through my gloved-hand anyway. I am starting to think I might try riding without my lights at night, then I won't attract so much attention.

Been doing a bunch of homework, and I love my calculator. It's the HP 50g. This one kicks the snot out of TI-89's geeky ass. I know I'm such a nerd.

Getting in some decent Stearns County bike rides. I was out near Marty on this ride, the big hill! I was glad that the wind wasn't blowing the chicken coup stench in my direction.