Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Les Feuilles Mortes

I'm slow on the bike right now and I love it. Bike riding in autumn is the best. Cool weather and knee warmers...while the crisp leaves are so refreshing. I like coming home after a ride with a cold nose, sip on a cup of hot tea, and turn on Bravotv for a little while.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Happy Science Friday

Hilarious! I could hang with those guys. How about missplacing a parentheses in a super long excel equation, so annoying!

Well, I think we had our first ever unofficial SCSU Hydrology Club meeting this week. My Hydrologic Modeling class stayed an hour after our 2hr class had already ended. We got so wrapped up in the project and debating its hydrostratigraphy layers. Yep, us Hydro majors. We're few in numbers at SCSU and are the misfits of the Earth & Atmospheric Science department. We always get the hand-me down stuff from Meteorology. We get their old computers, computer screens, etc. That's ok, we'll take what we can get.

One of the reasons I study Hydrology is the moving story of how a dam traumatized the lives of the people of Fort Berthold Reservation, and it's the reason I want to work with and for my people. There was even a movie,
Waterbusters, that was about the Garrison Dam and its affect on the Three Affiliated Tribes(Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara).
Let's do some science today.

Monday, November 02, 2009


My trip to Portland came and went in a flash. I was so busy and productive at the conference it was nuts. I met so many people my head was spinning. My poster presentation session went well, however, my oral presentation didn't go so smooth. I had a really small audience--the 3 judges and that was it. Some of the slides on my my powerpoint presentation somehow got corrupted in the process of me emailing it to the presentation organizers laptop. Some images were too big and one slide's text was super small and unreadable for the judges. What a disaster. Then one of the judges was being badass by asking challenging questions, but her questions about my research didn't make any sense. I felt like she was asking, "Why does ice cream taste like a heavy radio?". Then I would try and answer her question the best I could, where then she would follow with another strange statement like, "If your results expanded onto wax paper, my dog would hula-hoop." I was not happy with the way it went. I didn't place in either of my competitions.

The rest of the time at the conference went really well. I made some great connections with people at NASA, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research(UCAR), US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a handful of engineering firms, a few universities with environmental engineering grad programs, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNL). Then I got an unexpected job interview with Natural Resources Conservation Service. I was chatting with a hydrologic engineer when moments later he was ushering me into a private booth where another man held out his hand to take my resume before I realized what was happening. The impromptu interview was a smash and there's a good chance I could work for them next summer if I'm interested. They have offices everywhere and I am very interested in the type of work they do. It looks like I will have some decision making to do in the near future. I could go back to UM SAFL where I have been the last couple of years. I love my work and all my homies there, and also have a good history with the project I've been a part of for last two years. My current plan is grad school at UM so it would be smart if I go back to SAFL again next summer and continue my rapport there. Hmmm...possible summer in Boulder,CO...Seattle...Maryland...Portland...or some other unknown location?

Well I could definitely see myself in Portland. What a frickin cool bike city. It's a very progressive city and so environmental. I know I would fit in there. I met up Friday night with a fellow University of Idaho alum, David "Dragon" Meredith and his wife Steph. He has a bike company, OneGhostIndustries. We have both been past presidents of the UI Mountain Bike Club. We went to Hopworks, a cool biker bar with tasty organic beers, locally grown ingredients on the food menu, and an eco-friendly sustainable building.

Lots of cool food vendors on the street near my hotel.

April and I went to Chinatown one night for dinner, where you can play Oregon Lottery while you eat. We saw a lot of homeless people, too. It's so humbling when you see the reality that so many have to endure. We were all cush and warm in the Embassy Suites with a classy room and open the window curtains to see the less fortunate milling hungrily around in the streets below. Yeah, sometimes you think you have it hard, you a bad day, you had a shitty race result, your hair went flat in the rain--try being homeless, eh?

April and I ran into Amy Roloff from Little People Big World. She was at the Portland Convention Center at for a women's conference.

April and I tried on a ton of hats at Portland Outdoor Store.

Hopworks decor.

Dragon and Steph at Hopworks.

Katie the Raver and me as Tinkerbell. I flew into Minneapolis Saturday night and had packed my costume along with. I got off the plane and changed in an airport bathroom, Katie picked me up off the lightrail soon after went to Nomad World Pub where her band played their last show before their west coast tour.

One of the many good costumes of the evening, here's Balloon Boy.