Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Black History Month

Hope you're enjoying February like me, it's almost over with March on the horizon. I've been getting in more rides lately, too. Today I was out in the cold for 2.5hrs, my ride took longer than expected, I took some extra turns and didn't think it would end up being that long. The roads have been mostly clear. Sometimes there are a few sections of back county roads that have pockets of packed snow/ice, not too bad if you ride smooth over them. Of course I've been hearing about all the nice riding happening up in Pacific NW lately. They're sure having a nice mild winter. I try not to think about that when I'm out in the road and my right foot is frozen and feels like a stump when I get home.
Here's a shot from L'Alpe, I love that climb:

I've incorporated a bunch of running into my winter training regime this year. I haven't been running this regularly in YEARS, seriously. I like it enough but don't love it the way I used to.
XC skiing has been nice, I really like going out near my Mom's house in Duluth:

Charlie Parr came to St. Cloud last weekend. Andrea and I went out to see him perform and have a beer and dessert with him before he went on. I always enjoy his shows, his stories are pretty entertaining, too, he reminds me of my Mom. The weekend before Andrea and I drove to St. Paul to see him at the Turf Club. I wasn't too surprised when I saw Jeremiah there, hi.

Please Spread the Word to End the Word. I really dislike it when people use 'retarded' so casually. It's super offensive and unclassy. I pledged money for a Special Olympics Polar Plunge recently, you can still make a difference just by not using that word or at least see how it could be hurtful. There's enough pain in the world.

It's February and I'm feeling the love. I wanted to share my support to Haiti so I spent part of an evening at a Haiti relief event put on by SCSU's African Student Association. Haiti's still in trouble, no doubt with their clean water supply. I care about people and water that's why I study and research Hydrology, just doing what I can.
Arcade Fire has a song called "Haiti" and someone made a video using the song, the footage comes from a couple of years ago.

Up next, Bad Fashion Ski Party at Mont du Lac with my friend Chad. Chad and I grew up in the same neighborhood. Apparently he already has an outfit...not sure what I'm going to do yet. I know my Mom has in her basement an old school one-piece snowmobile suit, the kind with metal zippers that freeze up in the cold and snow. It might get too hot to telemark ski in. However, I do have a few pieces of faux fur, I might be able to put something together. Wish me luck.