Wednesday, April 28, 2010

field trip

SCSU's River Hydraulics class and Hydrology Club took a field trip to the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock/Dam and to St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, both in Minneapolis. I took River Hydraulics class last year and I don't miss it much. Well, I don't miss calculating stuff like this by hand and Excel. Then I learned a thing or two about hydrologic modeling computer programs. At least this year's class gets to go on a field trip.

Jon and some other guy standing over a very high foot bridge that spans the lock.

Looking down into the lock from the foot bridge.

Me and Jeff start soon at the lab. He's pretty excited for his first summer there.

The guy whose name I can't remember (on the left) and Jon taking a break from all the stairs at the lab.

Ben (in the maroon shirt) is showing Jeff and Jon the Jurassic Tank (JT). I still want the JT tshirt, the one with the dinosaur in the tub.

The lab still amazes me even after all the time I've spent there. The main channel is impressive even without water flowing through it.

Working at Granite City Cycle & Sport has been good, I've been working weekends. Gary ordered a bunch of seats and we were hanging them on the wall when a half hour later I sold the biggest seat on the shop. I love it when I can make someone's day through the world of bicycles. I can only do so much, especially when I'm trying to help someone over the phone who doesn't know the difference between rim, wheel, tire, tube, or a rim strip. I love my job.

Friday, April 23, 2010

happy friday

I'm trying to finish up my final draft of my research proposal. The title is, "The effect of water level variances on wild rice of Lake Ogechie, in central Minnesota". I am pretty excited about this project. First I'm supposed to write this research proposal and then do research for a senior thesis, but I've already been looking for high resolution satellite photos of the lake of interest. I can't wait to get out to my field site.

I'm going back to the lab in Minneapolis for the summer. I'm not sure what research I will be doing there yet. It's going to be a good summer, especially since my buddy Jeff will be at the lab, too.

I helped out with the 17th Annual All Tribes Council powwow last weekend. Some of my family came down from Duluth, including my 8yr old niece, Riley.

End of the semester means food everywhere. This week I already attended two awards banquets, last week a picnic, then receptions, parties, etc. Me and Jon at a department picnic at Riverside Park:

Monday, April 12, 2010

new job

I'm Gary's newest employee at Granite City Cycle & Sports. Jon and I went into GCCS on Friday so I could put in a new bottom bracket and by the end of the evening I was hired. I worked my first shift on Saturday. It was super busy, too, changed some flat tires and plenty of customers rotating through. It's always challenging jumping into a new workplace and learn the ropes. The only other bike shop I've ever worked at is Twin Ports Cyclery up in Duluth, where I've known Denis, the owner, for almost 20yrs now. Working in bike shops can be really fun, especially when you have an 8yr old little girl tell you about living in an imaginary forest, and that someone has to rule the imaginary forest.

In all my time at GCCS as a customer I never noticed the stuffed squirrel until Saturday, my first day as an employee.

On Sunday, me, Jon and Amanda went to go watch Jeff play at the MAC, SCSU Huskies vs St. Paul-Concordia. Jeff bats lefty but is right handed.

Cancellara wins Paris-Roubaix, Ian Alexy performed at the WhiteHorse, Jon was 2nd place at poker, the Miyata commuter bike has lights zip-tied to it, and I tailored one of my dresses, not a bad weekend at all.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

sugar free Tab

I finally put new tires (26 x 1 3/8") on the Raleigh Ranger. It's my bike for short fun commutes.

Kyia had her birthday last Friday. Don't mess with her and Anderson, they got GUNS!

The always talented Maxxx.

Jon and me.

Jon and I were out in Foley at the farm for most of the weekend, Easter, four wheeling, exploring, etc. Jon found a large rock with bits of quartz. He's probably going to cut it and do some other things with it. He's wicked smart about geologic stuff. He finds cool rocks and I find old beer cans including a Sugar Free Tab can.

Friday, April 02, 2010


So far this week I've played frolf twice.
Jeff (on the left) and Jon were feeling just as blurry as they looked.

Jeff's Sex Machine van easily inspires romance. Jon and me (yes we've heard the song, thank you).

Out on the course last night a couple of tough baby daddies brought their babies frisbee golfing.

P.S. It's Kyia's birthday!