Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's been a good summer. Last weekend Jon and I went to the Bicycle Film Festival, we went to the Friday, 7pm show to see The Birth of Big Air. I wanted to make it to other movies but we had to head out of town for the rest of the weekend. A lot of weekends we have either been up in Foley at the farm or up north in Duluth, and Grand Marais. There's plenty to do out at the farm, planting 200 flowers, feeding cows, weeding, etc, earlier this summer I helped Jon build his pond. Since then, the pond plants really took off and the minnows are doing great.

The pond in it's infancy state, the lily pad flowers haven't come up yet.

Jon on the skid loader.

Then there's the fun stuff at the farm, shooting guns--all kinds, lighting off fireworks, four-wheeling, riding bikes on the county roads.

My work at the lab has been good. The projects are different every year, still loving what I do. Happy hour with some of the coworkers at Tuggs is great, have to get a rocket of beer before 6pm! A new family of baby ducks came through the stream lab, too. It's fun watching them get bigger every week.

The last weekend of June we went up to Gooseberry Falls with Ted, and stopped at Betty's Pies in Two Harbors. Blackberry peach crunch pie is my favorite so far. Jon's geologist side comes out on a regular basis.

Me and Jon spent Fourth of July weekend in St. Cloud and Duluth. Then we went whitewater rafting with my brother Ted in Scanlon, MN. Ted and I grew up with a couple of the river guides, Jay and Luke, so it was really fun having them in other rafts with our group, since normally they are in kayaks. I got to steer my boat and kept everyone in line and in the boat. The river was low, but it was still fun. We are going back when the river is higher so we have bigger waves.

Swimming at the quarries near St. Cloud before heading up to Duluth. Jon waiting his turn to jump off a cliff.

Two weekends ago I went with Jon and his family up to his aunt's cabin near Grand Marais. Over the long weekend we fished everyday and four-wheeled ~200 miles on forest roads and trails. Four-wheeling really isn't my thing but it's still fun and now I know of some trails to on when me and Jon go back up there this fall. There were so many wild raspberry bushes everywhere, and blueberries up on the open outcrops. Yummy.

Now it's back up to Duluth today, Big Blondie's getting hitched!