Friday, August 06, 2010


Recently Jon and I spent some time on Island Lake, north of Duluth, with my brother Ted and some of his friends. My Mom shows up and wanted to go intertubing. Not bad for a 74 year old lady. Her other hobbies are sewing, beading, making jewelry, supporting the family's atheltic endeavors, bingo, and many others. She's the greatest.

Jon getting pulled by Matt.

Jon and I have been eating pretty good lately. He gets fresh veggies from the organic garden at his job. Last couple of days he's been harvesting honey from their many bee apiaries. He's also good at making maple syrup, when he's not driving a tractor around or building stuff. I love his job, but I love mine, too.

I have a few photos from this summer at the lab in Minneapolis:
Our resident baby ducks are getting bigger and they aren't afraid of me and my coworkers, and we have never laid a finger on them either.

One of my coworkers, Chris, giving the camera a thumbs for a nice rock vane.

Me planting some Fox sedges, Bebbs sedges, and Dark Green Bulrushes. Now I realize how my backward my arm looks.

I found this one in our photo archives. We were repairing a bank on our stream and I'm stomping on something, Chris is using his head to hold up a part of the coconut fiber and it looks like Jeff is going to grab Chris' head.