Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Why are there so many tanning salons/laundromats in the St.Cloud area? Well, I know of three, but I don't think I've seen this business combination anywhere else.
There's one near the SCSU campus on University Ave and 9th Ave S, then there's this one up in Sartell across the street from Jimmy's Pour House.

This one is in Waite Park near Home Depot.

Jon and I getting ready for our move from Minneapolis back to St. Cloud, so sad. The Menards in St. Paul on University Ave has a long ramp and a glass elevator, pretty classy.

The summer went by so fast! This is from one of the times we went intertubing on Island Lake, outside of Duluth.

Hanging out on the Lakewalk in Duluth, then we went for ice cream at Portland Malt Shop, one of my favorites.

Nice little walk next to Chester Creek in Duluth.

I started missing Minneapolis the moment we pulled out of the driveway. I miss our part of town, Psycho Suzie's, Brasa, Kramarczuk's, all the happy hours at Tuggs. I miss all my lab friends, too, sigh. Jon enjoying a Kwak and a St. Feuillien Triple at
the NE Bulldog.

Rockets of beer at Tugg's, Jeff with his creepy mustache, I hope it improved his batting average.

I'll miss going out for music, too. Katie's band, The Upshot, played at Memory Lanes a few weeks ago. This band that played after Katie was interesting, they had a flute and a trombone.

At least Jon and I can still make an escape to Minneapolis, like going to the State Fair. It's always hard making the adjustment back to St. Cloud, there's not a ton of restauraunts that I like in St. Cloud area so often times we stay in and eat, and I make my own coffee in the french press. However, the bike riding is still better in St. Cloud than Minneapolis except for the urban bar rides then Minneapolis wins.
The State Fair crowds!

Waiting in line for cookies, seriously.

All you can drink milk for a dollar!