Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I was up in Duluth last weekend for a geology conference, the 2012 American Quaternary Association biennial conference. The flood couldn't have had perfect timing for the topic of the conference, which was about floods and droughts and the Holocene. There were some good presentations and discussions. I met some people whose papers I've read or have done pollen preparations for, so cool when you get to meet them in person and that they are real people! I was a little star struck I suppose. I had my phytolith poster up for poster sessions and got some good feedback.

I didn't get a chance to see a lot of the flood destruction personally but my family had some pictures from the neighborhood. There were no shortage of photos online and of course drama about the polar bear at the Duluth Zoo and seal swimming on Grand Ave. I feel bad for all the animals that perished at the zoo, too.

My family were going to evacuate themselves on Weds morning, the last open road to the neighborhood Fond du Lac (not the rez...I always have to specify because I'm Native and people always think I live on the FDL rez), was clear at 5:30am but by 7:45am when the family was ready to go, there was fast moving flood water over the road. They were later taken on an airboat out of there and finally went back home yesterday. The house was fine, just water in the back yard. Many other neighbors were not as lucky though.

The swimming hole where I taught myself how to swim at 5yrs old.

Hwy 23 by Mont du Lac ski area

Mission creek ("crick") carved itself a wider path, taking the road with it.

Thick mud covering everything, one foot deep in some places.

So I come back from the weekend and pumpkin plants going bonkers in the yard. Jon and I had a couple of pumpkins on the back porch last fall that we were going to carve out but the squirrels beat us to it, they took the seeds and buried some around the yard. 5 pumpkin plants sprouted where they buried them. We kept 3 of the plants where they were, but transplanted the other two up to Jon's family farm in Foley.

Out bike riding earlier this winter.

My Mom, Jon and I went to Montana for a conference in March, it was within an hour where two of my sisters live. I got to see two of my little nieces.

Flathead lake, Montana

Spectating at NVGP, I really liked the kits from the Mexican National Team and they have the best names, Hector Hugo y Diego, buenos dias.

It's field work season for me, I did a full week of sampling in May. I think I went to 35 lakes in 5 days, not so sure right now, it was kind of dizzying. I drove with my field partner almost 1300 miles. A few sites were in a park and couldn't feasibly drive or walk with gear to the 6 lakes within the park. We were fortunate to use a super long go-cart, felt like Jurassic Park.


Kyia said...

I was wondering how your family was doing with the flooding. Happy all is well. Happy Birthmonth!!

June said...

Hey thanks for thinking of me and my family! Birthday was good, Jon took me to Brasa in NE.
Aunders looks great at 11mos!!