Saturday, August 25, 2012

Well I did it again, wrapped up another summer field season. Since end of July I did four weeks on the road total, with one week in the lab in between. The size of our state still surprises me. Yesterday I drove from Bagley back to the Cities and that was 4.5 hrs of driving. Lots of hours of driving and living like a nomad. Then you run into other people living like nomad like you, railroad guys and construction guys. Sometimes I catch people peering into the back of the suburban wondering what the hell are we up to with pieces of polycarbonate tubing, tools, coolers and boats.
And I'm wearing a hat, field work is the only time outside of winter that I ever wear a hat. Besides hat hair, I can thank field work for being in canoe shape and being able to carry heavy things around. Sure doesn't do much for bike shape. I've been able to get in rides on my short 1.5 day weekends when everything else has to happen like laundry and having a decent home cooked meal.

Commuter bike with new bar tape ready to go. I got rid of the Deda chrome bar tape that I found on sale. It wrapped poorly around old skinny handlebar and I didn't want to be confused with a hipster. I was self conscious when riding with it. Oh, and yes our central ac unit is on a concrete pad with a cage and lock on it. The day before we moved in someone stole the copper out of the ac unit.

Jon and I went to a Twins game with the interns that were at the lab this summer.

Me and Lea with some of her family, Lea is on the far left. Lea is a former running teammate when we used to live in New Mexico and run under Coach Mike Daney. She's Navajo (Dine), she's got running in her blood.She's also the one person that I can randomly text quotes from Ghost, and she'll shoot one right back at ya.

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