Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's finally winter

Never say never. I still did two more weeks of field work after I said I wrapped up my season in previous post.

Red sediment. This site had easy access, a nice boat launch and we used the motorized fishing boat since the lake was big.

Some of my NDNs up near Leech Lake Rez. They were out looking for manoomin. They lost their trailer that morning. They were bumping along and took a corner kind of fast, the trailer unhooked and went straight into some bushes while the truck made the corner. All you could see was the back end of the ricing boats sticking out of the woods. The trailer was attached to the truck with some straps. Good rez humor.

Doing work. I had to haul/tug the canoe full of gear 50 yards from the road through thick cattails on a rickety 2x4 planked path to get to open water, canoe around to find a place safe from the wind, and then get cores. I think this was the second site of the day, too, but I would do it again in a heart beat.

Jon got a nice deer this hunting season on the farm. My Mom took the liver, and Jon gave her some other cuts. I remember my Mom making me liver pate when I was a kid. One of Jon's friend took the heart, supposedly it tastes good fried up in butter.

We sent some of the venison to Kramarczuck's to get processed into sausage. It turned out amazingk.

Hiking earlier this fall up the St. Louis River in my old neighborhood in Duluth. I got to see a ton of flood damage to a trail I've hiked on for years, some of it doesn't exist anymore.

Hiking up the St. Louis River in my neighborhood.

Carved up the pumpkins that grew in our yard.

Fall time in Foley at Jon's farm.

Saved some kittens in our neighborhood. They were about to get hit wandering into traffic, couldn't find the momma kitty anywhere so we took them to a shelter.

Riding to work. I put studded tires on Jon's huge bike and lowered the seat. I'm keeping an eye out for a winter mtb. On the really cold days I've been using my ice fishing/winter field work Joka polar mitts as an over-mitten. I wear a smaller glove or Yoko lobster mitt inside the Joka polar mitt. I have some Bar Mitts for the road bike but they don't fit on my old school commuter brake levers very well.
We have snow!! I'm excited to get xc skiing, too. I'm planning on putting some more kilometers on the touring skis this year, so I can go places that don't require groomed trails, unlike my other classic or skate skis.